Thames Valley Association of Running Clubs

5k Summer Series

This race series is a CLOSED event. Only members of the following clubs are able to run. If you wish to run then please contact that club directly to join as a 1st or 2nd claim member.

Race results are posted and hosted by Maidenhead AC as soon as they are received from host clubs. For queries, please contact your own club’s 5k rep or secretary, or the host club directly.  Maidenhead 5k Rep

2018 Dates & Results

Confirmed dates for the 2018 series are shown below. Details of each race will be shared by each club’s 5k rep or secretary to their club members.

Results in Spreadsheet form, including provisional results and individual runner stats can be found on this Google Sheet

Final Results PDFs are linked in the table below once confirmed.

  Wargrave Cookham Burnham Marlow Maidenhead Handy Cross Datchet
2018 Tuesday 15th May 2018

TVARC 5K Series 2018 – WAR Results

Tuesday 22nd May 2018

TVARC 5K Series 2018 – CRC Results

Tuesday 29th May 2018

TVARC 5K Series 2018 – BJ Results

Tuesday 5th June 2018

TVARC 5K Series 2018 – MS Results

Tuesday 19th June 2018

TVARC 5K Series 2018 – MAC Results

Tuesday 26th June 2018

TVARC 5K Series 2018 – HX Results

Tuesday 10th July 2018

Provisional Results

Previous Results

  Wargrave Burnham Marlow Maidenhead Handy Cross Datchet Cookham
2017 16-May-17 30-May-2017 04-Jul-17 13-Jun-17 20-Jun-17 11-Jul-17 23-May-17
2016 10-May-16 31-May-16 19-Jul-16 21-Jun-16 14-Jun-16 12-Jul-16 24-May-16
2015 12-May-15 26-May-15 30-Jun-15 23-Jun-15 09-Jun-15 14-Jul-15 19-May-15
2014 06-May-14 27-May-14 01-Jul-14 25-Jun-14 08-Jul-14 15-Jul-14 20-May-14
2013 14-May-13 28-May-13 11-Jun-13 26-Jun-13 09-Jul-13 16-Jul-13
2012 Cancelled 05-Jun-12 Cancelled 04-Jul-12 19-Jun-12 29-May-12
2011 17-May-11 31-May-11 14-Jun-11 29-Jun-11 12-Jul-11 19-Jul-11
2010 18-May-10 01-Jun-10 15-Jun-10 30-Jun-10 13-Jul-10 20-Jul-10
2009 12-May-09 26-May-09 09-Jun-09 24-Jun-09 07-Jul-09 14-Jul-09
2008 19-May-08 09-Jun-08 18-Jun-08 30-Jun-08 14-Jul-08 06-Aug-08
2007 21-May-07 11-Jun-07 18-Jun-07 05-Jul-07 17-Jul-07 30-Jul-07
2006 18-May-06 13-Jun-06 23-Jun-06 10-Jul-06 17-Jul-06 25-Jul-06
2005 23-May-05 06-May-05 27-Jun-05 30-Jun-05 22-Jul-05 03-Aug-05
2004 14-May-04 03-Jun-04 23-Jun-04 02-Jul-04 23-Jul-04 29-Jul-04
2003 20-May-03 03-Jun-03 25-Jun-03 02-Jul-03 23-Jul-03 24-Jul-03
2002 17-May-02 05-Jun-02 06-Jun-02 05-Jul-02 18-Jun-02 22-Jul-02
2001 16-May-01 29-May-01 05-Jun-01 20-Jun-01 03-Jul-01 17-Jul-01
2000 10-May-00 30-May-00 06-Jun-00 20-Jun-00 05-Jul-00 18-Jul-00
1999 12-May-99 25-May-99 08-Jun-99 22-Jun-99 07-Jul-99 20-Jul-99
1998 13-May-98 26-May-98 14-Jun-98 23-Jun-98 21-Jul-98 09-Jul-98
1997 1997 Not available 23-Jun-97 25-Jun-97 1997 Not available
1996 1996 1996 24-Jun-96 26-Jun-96 1996 10-Jul-96
1995 1995 1995 05-Jul-95 28-Jun-95 Not available 1995
1994 18-May-94 1994 14-Jun-94 29-Jun-94 1994 1994
1993 Not available Not available Not available Not available 27-Jul-93 Not available
1992 20-May-92 30-Jun-92 17-Jun-92 1992 28-Jul-92 1992