8th December 2016

Thames Valley Association of Running Clubs 5k Series

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MAC Handicap Briefing

MAC Handicap 5k – Results are in!

For the last few years, we have held an end of season 5k Handicap race. This year’s race was on Tuesday 1st August and was open to anyone who had completed two or more of this year’s summer 5k series (including juniors). We also had a gang of enthusiastic marshals, course setters, timekeepers and catering/social team. Thanks to everyone who chipped in to help or run and made the evening such a success!

Before the results, here’s a bit of fun: Watch this Strava Flyby with some of the runners of the handicap. If you’re on Strava, join the Maidenhead AC Group. If not, why not sign up – it’s the Facebook for runners!


Here are the prize winners:

Overall Ladies Closest to H’cap Juniors Fastest
1. Gordon Sherratt 1. Julie Whitaker 1. Suzy Ralphs (+0s) 1. Harry Shrimpton 1. Simon Lerigo (18m30s)
2. Leo Sowerby 2. Lydia Lewington 2. Ellen Easten (+1s) 1=. Jake Humphries 1=. Luke Lom-Hynes (18m30s)
3. Stephan Helal 3. Leila Oliver 3. Colin Symons (+2s) 3. Luke Lom-Hynes 3. Jon Kew (18m35s)

And of course, in the category of “Best attempt to influence their handicap (foiled)”, there was only one winner – Celine Duriale, for her Handy Cross time which was over 6 minutes slower than her fastest of the series! Notable mention to Simon Lerigo for playing 5-a-side before his two outings meaning his handicap was good, but not quite good enough!

Full results are below. You can also download them here: TVARC 2017 MAC Handicap 5K Results.

Final Results for all races (excluding the handicap) are on this google spreadsheet. There are different tabs ordered by race number, fastest time & average time as well as a tab for every age category (ordered by average time). Stat fans – fill your boots!

Full Name Num Category Handicap Time Start Time offset Finish time (from Gun) Race Time Compared to H’Cap FASTER/SLOWER
Gordon Sherratt 1070 MV70 00:31:05 00:01:00 00:29:38 00:28:38 00:02:27 FASTER
Leo Sowerby 1049 MV60 00:26:11 00:05:54 00:30:04 00:24:10 00:02:01 FASTER
Helal Stephan 1025 MV70 00:32:05 00:00:00 00:30:06 00:30:06 00:01:59 FASTER
Peter Oldham 995 MV50 00:27:09 00:04:56 00:30:15 00:25:19 00:01:50 FASTER
Yash Maudgil 984 MV60 00:31:48 00:00:17 00:30:22 00:30:05 00:01:43 FASTER
Paul Thomas 1033 MV40 00:24:41 00:07:24 00:30:25 00:23:01 00:01:40 FASTER
Julie Whitaker 1040 FV50 00:29:48 00:02:17 00:30:30 00:28:13 00:01:35 FASTER
Stuart Dibley 1078 MV50 00:26:53 00:05:13 00:30:36 00:25:23 00:01:29 FASTER
Simon Lerigo 973 MS 00:19:59 00:12:06 00:30:36 00:18:30 00:01:29 FASTER
Lydia Lewington 975 FS 00:24:43 00:07:22 00:30:37 00:23:15 00:01:28 FASTER
Leila Oliver 1054 FV40 00:26:12 00:05:53 00:30:49 00:24:56 00:01:16 FASTER
Carole Dibley 1047 FV50 00:29:13 00:02:52 00:30:50 00:27:58 00:01:15 FASTER
Anushka Howell 953 FV60 00:30:55 00:01:10 00:31:00 00:29:50 00:01:05 FASTER
Michael Fursedon 936 MV60 00:28:10 00:03:55 00:31:02 00:27:07 00:01:03 FASTER
Alison Attard 903 FV50 00:29:41 00:02:24 00:31:13 00:28:49 00:00:52 FASTER
Chris Lewington 974 MV50 00:22:03 00:10:02 00:31:20 00:21:18 00:00:45 FASTER
Kanya Hynes 957 FV40 00:25:41 00:06:24 00:31:25 00:25:01 00:00:40 FASTER
Ian McKenzie 989 MV60 00:28:22 00:03:43 00:31:26 00:27:43 00:00:39 FASTER
Harry Shrimpton 1043 JM 00:22:29 00:09:36 00:31:27 00:21:51 00:00:38 FASTER
Jake Humphries 1088 JM 00:20:15 00:11:50 00:31:27 00:19:38 00:00:38 FASTER
Jonathan Oliver 1055 MV40 00:20:21 00:11:44 00:31:27 00:19:43 00:00:38 FASTER
Jeanette Sanderson 1014 FV50 00:28:08 00:03:57 00:31:28 00:27:31 00:00:37 FASTER
Gareth Ralphs 1056 MV50 00:22:51 00:09:14 00:31:32 00:22:18 00:00:33 FASTER
Richard Pink 904 MV40 00:25:56 00:06:09 00:31:33 00:25:24 00:00:32 FASTER
Ed Dimmock 1069 MV40 00:21:08 00:10:57 00:31:38 00:20:41 00:00:27 FASTER
Caroline Shrimpton 1036 FV40 00:23:32 00:08:33 00:31:40 00:23:07 00:00:25 FASTER
James Fickling 931 MS 00:18:58 00:13:07 00:31:43 00:18:36 00:00:22 FASTER
Celine Sturiale 1028 FV40 00:24:25 00:07:40 00:31:44 00:24:04 00:00:21 FASTER
Pauline Siddons 1019 FV70 00:27:07 00:04:58 00:31:50 00:26:52 00:00:15 FASTER
Luke-Lom Hynes 1097 JM 00:18:39 00:13:26 00:31:56 00:18:30 00:00:09 FASTER
Ethan Towers 1076 JM 00:24:08 00:07:57 00:31:57 00:24:00 00:00:08 FASTER
Jonathan Kew 1051 MV40 00:18:40 00:13:25 00:32:00 00:18:35 00:00:05 FASTER
Anuchaa Hynes 1096 JM 00:23:23 00:08:42 00:32:02 00:23:20 00:00:03 FASTER
Suzy Ralphs 1094 FV50 00:25:36 00:06:29 00:32:05 00:25:36 00:00:00 FASTER
Ellen Easten 1091 FS 00:20:59 00:11:06 00:32:06 00:21:00 00:00:01 SLOWER
Colin Symons 1030 MV40 00:20:28 00:11:37 00:32:07 00:20:30 00:00:02 SLOWER
Ian Crabtree 1075 MV40 00:20:03 00:12:02 00:32:14 00:20:12 00:00:09 SLOWER
David Waterman 1038 MV70 00:27:07 00:04:58 00:32:17 00:27:19 00:00:12 SLOWER
Andrew Thomson 1086 JM 00:19:49 00:12:16 00:32:25 00:20:09 00:00:20 SLOWER
Toby Ralphs 1095 JM 00:20:30 00:11:35 00:32:46 00:21:11 00:00:41 SLOWER
Shazia Ahmad 901 FV40 00:30:55 00:01:10 00:32:55 00:31:45 00:00:50 SLOWER
Adam Frost 1099 JM 00:20:52 00:11:13 00:33:04 00:21:51 00:00:59 SLOWER
Abbie Jones 1100 JF 00:20:52 00:11:13 00:33:54 00:22:41 00:01:49 SLOWER

Datchet Dashers hosted the only wet race of the series at Home Park on 11th July. It was still great fun with plenty of MAC vests on display. Provisional results are in: Full | MAC only

What a great evening by the river we had at Hurley on Tuesday!  Provisional results for Marlow Striders are out! Full | MAC only

Handy Cross was pretty much the hottest day of the year – but 56 of us braved the 33 degrees of heat. It was a glorious evening in the sun, especially afterwards for tea and cake! Provisional Results (FullMAC only) are in.

Wargrave was a cracker! Cookham was a scorcher! Burnham was emotional! All results are now final;  View them with all the historical results here.

Maidenhead was AWESOME because of you!! Provisional Results are as follows:

Full Results: TVARC – MAC 5k 2017 Provisional Results

MAC only results: TVARC – MAC 5k 2017 Provisional Results – MAC only


The Series

Since 1992, an association of running clubs from the Thames Valley have met together every year for a series of 5K races. These races are friendly and competitive and cater for all runners from the associated clubs. Every runner that takes part has the opportunity to challenge themselves over a series of six 5K runs.

The races take place on Tuesday evenings between the start of May and the end of July. They are closed races, which means only members of participating clubs are allowed to run. The participating clubs are currently:

  • Burnham Joggers
  • Cookham Running Club
  • Datchet Dashers
  • Handy Cross Runners
  • Maidenhead Athletic Club
  • Marlow Striders
  • Wargrave Runners.

The local Running Sisters groups are also invited to attend; however, they do not host races.

One of the key aims of the 5K Series is to provide a social atmosphere for clubs to meet, and to allow runners from different clubs to get to know one another. The hosting club provides refreshments and the course route.  Some courses are road races and others are mixed terrain, while one is entirely off road. Most importantly of all, they are all FUN!

The series organiser for Maidenhead Athletic Club is Jon Oliver: 5k@maidenheadac.org


Provisional results will be emailed out to members as soon as practical after they are received from the host club. Once finalised they will be posted on the TVARC results page along with all historical results since 1992.  Age categories are determined based on age at the date of the first event of the series.

2017 events calendar

Confirmed dates are shown below:

  • 16

    TVARC - Wargrave 5k

    Village Green, Cockpole Green
    The Stables, Hatch Gate Ln, Cockpole Green, Reading RG10 8NE, UK

    ***Now rearranged***

    After the postponement last week due to Thames Water digging the road up, we are back on for Tuesday 16th May!

    The traditional season opener for the Thames Valley Association of Running Clubs Summer 5k Series.

    Hosted by Wargrave Runners at Cockpole Green/Crazies Hill, Wargrave.

    Please arrive at 7pm for a 7:30pm start

    Click to view or download Wargrave 5k 2017 Race Instructions

    Please note this event is for members only (plus guests)!


  • 23

    TVARC - Cookham 5k

    Beaching-grove Wood, Winter Hill
    Copas Bros, Choke Ln, Cookham, Maidenhead SL6 6PL, UK

    The latest addition to the Thames Valley Association of Running Clubs Summer 5k Series.

    Hosted by Cookham Running Club around Beeching-grove Wood, near Winter Hill.

    Please arrive at 7pm for a 7:30pm start

    Please see the detailed Cookham 5k 2017 – Instructions


    Please note this event is for members only and their guest!

  • 30

    TVARC - Burnham Joggers 5k


    The half-term classic fixture in the Thames Valley Association of Running Clubs Summer 5k Series.

    Hosted by Burnham Joggers on country lanes on the edge of Burnham Beeches.  Race HQ is at Caldecott School.

    The school will be available from 6.15pm onwards. Parking is within the school grounds via the Crown Lane entry (please follow the marshal’s instructions). As there is ample parking please DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO PARK WITHIN BURNHAM BEECHES.

    After parking up make your way towards the front of the School where competitors will be called approx. 10 minutes prior to the start to assemble in Hawthorne Lane (start line).

    Full details: 5K Burnham 2017 Directions

    Please note this event is for members and guests only!

  • 13

    TVARC - Maidenhead 5k


    The Maidenhead leg of the Thames Valley Association of Running Clubs Summer 5k Series.

    Club members generally do not run in this event so that we can guarantee an adequate number of marshals for the event.  As we provide food after the event, contributions of picnic type food are requested from members.  A signup sheet will be available online and in the clubhouse for both marshals and food contributions!

    Club members may only run in this event by invitation.

  • 20

    TVARC - Handy Cross 5k


    A fully off-road fixture in the Thames Valley Association of Running Clubs Summer 5k Series.

    Hosted by Handy Cross Runners around Wycombe Rye in High Wycombe.

    More details here:2017 Handy Cross 5K Instructions

    Please note this event is for members and their guests only!

  • 04

    TVARC - Marlow 5k

    Hurley Riverside Park
    1 High St, Maidenhead SL6, UK

    The penultimate fixture in the Thames Valley Association of Running Clubs Summer 5k Series.

    Hosted by Marlow Striders on riverside paths and local roads near the Thames at Hurley

    The Marlow 5k is held is on Hurley Meadow, on the banks of the River Thames.  The village of Hurley is on the A4130 road to Henley, accessed from the A404 by-pass.  After passing Temple Golf Club you go down a windy hill, and in approx 200 years turn right, signposted “Hurley Village only”.  Follow the road down through the village, and shortly after passing The Olde Bell (postcode SL6 5LX) turn left (opposite Mill Lane).  There will be plenty of signs to show you where to go.

    Marlow 5k Event Details 2017

    Please note this event is for members only and their guests!

  • 11

    TVARC - Datchet 5k

    Windsor Cricket Club, Home Park (Public), Windsor
    Lock Keepers House, Romney Lock, Windsor SL4 6HU, UK

    The traditional season closing fixture of the Thames Valley Association of Running Clubs Summer 5k Series.

    Hosted by Datchet Dashers on the Thames Path and pavements in the shadow of Windsor Castle in The Home Park (public).

    The Datchet 5K 2017 – Directions

    Please note this event is for members and their guests only!


Rules for entry

The 5k series is a social series between members of the participating clubs and not run under any form of UKA licence.  Its continued success depends on all clubs’ members observing the following simple set or rules.


  1. Each member of participating clubs is entitled to one entry, valid for the entire series.
  2. First or second claim members of participating clubs may represent their club.
  3. Members who are 1st and 2nd claim at two clubs in TVARC may represent their first claim club only.
  4. Senior members and Junior aged 12 and over are able to participate.  Strictly no under 12s.
  5. Members of the host club may race in their home fixture only at the discretion of the 5K Representative.
  6. Members must have paid their membership fees in order to participate.

Registration, Fees & Kit

  1. Numbers are available from the 5K Representative on any club evening prior to the start of the series, or on the night of each race.
  2. Member entries are charged at £7.00 for the entire series, no matter how many races you run, or a one-off £2.00 charge for a single race only.
  3. All club members must wear club kit.
  4. Members must retain their number for all races in the series.
  5. Emergency details on reverse of numbers should be completed.
  6. No headphones – most races are on public roads


  1. Each club member is entitled to bring a guest to one race in the series.
  2. A guest can only attend one race in the series.
  3. Club members must notify the 5K Representative of their guest prior to the race.
  4. Guest entry fee is £3.00 per race.

Members are requested to adhere to these rules in order that this successful race series can continue in its current form.