29th November 2017

Seniors Coaching

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Meet your coaches

Simon Goldfinch –  Level 2

Leila Oliver – Headcoach Level 3

Cathy Ison – Level 2

(others to be added)


Regular Sessions

Seniors meet for three sessions a week (all from the clubhouse). See more information on our regular meets

  • Tuesday evenings are coached sessions in that a session plan will be set, explained and supervised by a coach. It will consist of some kind of repeats or intervals, either around the clubhouse, on the track or on some local hilly roads.  Meet at 6:30pm for the briefing for a 6:45pm start
  • Wednesday evenings and Sunday morning group runs will have set routes (with variations, explained by the route master that week.
    • Wednesday evenings (4 to 7 mile options) @6:30 for 6:45pm start
    • Sunday mornings (options from 6 to 13 miles or more) @8:30 for 8:45am start
  • Tuesday Track Sessions Jan-April 2019
  • Improve your training presentation 22nd January 2019

Marathon Training

For all those participating in marathons, we have specific coaching advice and sessions available.

Marathon Training Information

On Tuesday 28th November 2017, Leila hosted a marathon training information evening. You can view her marathon training presentation slides and notes here.

Spring Marathon Programmes

If you are targeting a spring marathon (e.g. Manchester, Brighton, London), then Leila has written a number of specific programmes that you may wish to view for your reference. Remember that these are reasonably generic and may be adapted for your specific needs and goals.

3:30 experienced runner Jon’s Marathon Training plan – Sheet1
4:30 novice runner Rosie training plan – Rosie training plan