12th December 2016


The Club badge is constructed from the Maidenhead Coat of Arms.  The original badge was surrounded by the lettering MAIDENHEAD CYCLING & ATHLETIC CLUB, hence the gap at the top after the cyclists rode into the sunset.


A new version was produced for the Club kit, but notice how the lettering within the coat of arms is different.  This version used the Maidenhead Hockey Club badge (in blue) as the reference point.


So which version is correct?

Research suggests that Version 2 has the longer pedigree.

Alternative logos

This logo was used on the Club mugs.  It remains an option to use a new design, but a Club dating back to 1884 should not change its “brand” lightly.


Maidenhead Coat of Arms

The lettering is, perhaps surprisingly, an abbreviated form of English.

The more compelling version is S’IOHIS GODAYN CAN THIERN.

  • S’   means “the Seal of…”
  • IOHIS GODAYN is John (or Johannis) Godayn
  • CAN  is abbreviated “…Canon of…
  • THIERN is Thiers, a town in France

It would appear that the Maidenhead Cycling & Athletic Club used the same source as this 1903 postcard.


The history of how the seal of a French canon came to be associated with Maidenhead is unclear. The Gentlemans’ Magazine of 1839 is the best source uncovered so far.