8th December 2016

Club Championship 2017-18 target races

What is it?

The MAC Road Running Championships is a series open to all MAC senior members, running April to March to encourage healthy club competition. For 2017-18 the competition is a level playing field as both age and gender will be factored in to find the overall male & female road running champions 2017.

Check back for a new improved format. Your road running captain Jon Oliver is busy working on a new improved format for 2018-19!


Season 2017-18

How does it work?

Over the series of races your age-graded result for each race is calculated. The average of your highest scores is then used to calculate your age-grade percentage for the series. The male & female MAC members with the highest overall percentage will then be awarded at the prestigious Championship Trophies at the Annual Dinner/Awards Evening.

Age Grading definition: The basic principle is to arrive at a percentage grading value which is calculated by dividing your race time with the World Record performance time for your age & gender category. For example, if the World Record for a 40 year old male over 10 miles was 46:31 and Joe Bloggs runs the 10 miles in 58:31 his age-graded performance would be 46:31 divided by 58:30 = 79.5%

1.You must be a fully paid member of MAC at the date of the firstto be eligible to enter.
2.You must complete a minimum of 3, one at each distance.

The Club Championship events are selected by Road Running Captain (2017) Simon Lerigo: roadrunning@maidenheadac.org.

2017-18 events are as follows.  The final event of the season is Wokingham Half Marathon.

Race Date Webpage
Any of the summer series 5k See 5k Series pages
Bracknell Half 7th May 2017  https://www.bracknell-forest.gov.uk/leisure-services/bracknell-half-marathon
Royal Berks 10k 14th May 2017  http://www.royalberks10k.com
Shinfield 10k 1st May 2017  http://readingroadrunners.org/races/shinfield/
Maidenhead Half 3rd September 2017 http://www.purplepatchrunning.com/index.php/maidenhead-half-marathon
Reading 10k 1st Octo 2017  http://www.purplepatchrunning.com/index.php/reading-o2o-10k
Wokingham Half 18th February 2018 http://www.wokinghamhalfmarathon.co.uk