27th November 2017

MAC Awards

The Maidenhead AC road running season runs alongside the membership year from April to March. Results during a year can contribute to a number of awards, some of which are age graded, some are purely based on finish time or position and there is also a handicap race. At the end of the season, there is an awards evening which is a great chance to celebrate everyone who has worn MAC colours throughout the year, as well as presenting trophies to the award winners. For the 2018-19 season the awards format is changing and all the details can be found below.

Award Winners

See the winners of awards in previous years:

Season 2018-19

SAVE THE DATE! The end of season celebration evening will be on Friday 10th May.

The following awards will be contested during the 2018-19 season:

Club Championship

This set of awards is contested over a series of target races (between 8 and 10). In each target race, the first home for the club gets 1 point, 2nd home = 2 points, 3rd home = 3 points and so on. You must complete 3 separate distances over the season. Your best 5 scores count and the runner with the lowest points total at the end of the season wins. There is an overall club champion for both male & female competitors. The scores are also calculated in standard age categories (as below) to award age category winners too. Athletes will win the highest award for which they are eligible (e.g. if an FV45 is overall club champion, they will win that award and 2nd place FV45 will be promoted to winner).

Club Championship Categories

Award Male Female
Club Champion (Target Races) M F
Club Champion (Target Races) MV40 FV35
Club Champion (Target Races) MV50 FV45
Club Champion (Target Races) MV60 FV55
Club Champion (Target Races) MV70+ FV65+

5K Series

This set of awards is contested over the Thames Valley Association of Running Clubs Summer 5K Series. The awards will be decided based on the average time across the best 4 races from 6 in the 5K series (MACs home fixture is excluded). There are awards for both male & female runners with the best time as well as age graded categories. Winners of the scratch award will not contest the age graded award.

5K Series Categories

Award Male Female
5K Series Champion (ave 4 from 5k series) M F
5K Series Age Graded Champion (age graded ave 4 from 5k series) M F



These awards go to the holder of the best marathon time of the year in any official road marathon. There are awards for both male & female runners with the best time as well as age graded categories. Winners of the scratch award will not contest the age graded award.

Marathon Categories

Award Male Female
Marathon Champion (any marathon) M F
Marathon Age Graded Champion (any marathon) M F

Victor Ludorum

This awards goes to the runner with the best average time across their best 5k,  10k, 10M, Half and Marathon races. [Times will be age adjusted in accordance with Club Standards tables, and converted to % of World Best]

Helpers Handicap

These awards are contested over a 10 mile route by those who helped at the Maidenhead Easter 10. Runners are allocated a handicap based on recent race times. They set off on a staggered start based on handicap and first male and first female across the line wins.

Helpers Handicap Categories

Award Male Female
Helpers Handicap Champion (10 miles) M F

Cross Country

These awards are contested over the Thames Valley Cross Country League series. They are awarded to the competitor with the lowest aggregate points total over their best 5 races in the series (reverse scoring applies in the league).

Cross Country Categories

Award Male Female
Cross Country Champion (TVXC) M F


The Don Illott trophy is awarded to the member with the highest mileage during the year. It will be judged using running mileage according to Strava.

Captains’ Awards

These awards are not based on a performance criteria. Instead, winners will be chosen by the Road Running captain & vice captain and the Cross Country captain for particularly impressive endeavours of effort, improvement or dedication during the year.


Qualifiers for trophies must be 1st claim members* of MAC who have paid their subscriptions in full by the 30th April in the qualifying season.  In the case of new members joining after 30th April, full membership must be in place on day of the race for it to qualify.

*with the exception of the Helpers’ Handicap and Captains’ Awards where 2nd claim members are eligible.

All age categories in the Club Championship are determined by the age at the start of the competition year (1st April).

Age grading for the 5k series is calculated on the 1st event of the series

Age grading for the Marathon champion & Victor Ludorum is calculated on the day of the qualifying event(s).