10th August 2017

Helpers’ Handicap

The Helpers’ Handicap is an opportunity for senior members and parents of junior members to run a similar 10 mile course to the Easter 10 race.  For members, it’s a chance to win the coveted Helpers’ Handicap Cup for both Male and Female categories (if you’re brave enough to endure the calls of “BANDIT!!” at the awards evening.

(for 2018)


The Helpers’ Handicap starts and finishes from Maidenhead Office Park. The exact route may vary by year depending on access to the Office Park itself.

Race Format

The idea behind the handicap race is that all runners are assigned a handicap based on recent performances. Each runner is assigned a start time based on their handicap. The runners then set off on a staggered start, with the slowest going out first and the fastest going out last. The idea is that if runners run the course in line with their handicap, they will all be reaching the finish line together at the same time, with a mad dash for the finish and glory! In practice it doesn’t always work out that way, but the field is usually tightly bunched over the last mile making for an exciting finish and the opportunity to enter into post race analysis immediately afterwards!

See the 2017 route and results.

Enter for 2018 here.