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MAC News Report

21st November 2017

BB & 0 Cross Country Championships
The Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Cross Country Association Championships took place on Sunday 19th November at Prospect Park in Reading.  MAC had three representatives running and a number of marshals/recorders.

There were great performances by all: in the U17 ladies’ race Abbie Jones finished 14th; in the U17 men’s race Nathan Brammer 20th; and in the Vet men’s race Jon Kew was 25th. 
Hertfordshire Half Marathon
On Sunday 19th November, Anthony Hornby ran the Hertfordshire Half Marathon which took place in and around the grounds of Knebworth House.  He completed it in 01:45:18 (chip time 01:44:22).
Junior Sportshall
On Sunday 19th November Maidenhead Athletic Juniors took part in their second Sportshall Match at TVAC with the last match at the end of January.

Fabulous team spirit, inspirational camaraderie and plenty of noise catapulted U11 girls Blue Team to 1st in the Match Series. Their success started on the track with Maddie Sturt and Tamzin Bellamy winning the 1+1 and continued with more great performances: Maddie – 2nd in 1 Lap Obstacle with Tamzin 4th; Tamzin – 3rd in the 2 Lap with Maddie 4th; Tamzin – 1st in the High Stepper; Maddie – 1st in the Target Throw. Sophie Winters – 2nd in Standing Triple and Esme Wood - an incredible 4th; Sophie - 2nd in the Chest Push; Amber Mehaz - 4th on the Balance Test; and Estella Dhanda was a pin-point accurate 2nd on the Throw. (Thank you to Andy Sturt for the team report)
In U11 boys there were some outstanding performances:-
Callum Presnail 3rd - standing triple jump; Callum & Jack Britton 1st - 1+1 Lap; Jack 2nd 1x Lap Obstacle; Jack 3rd - Hi Stepper Well done to Rueban Bharj from the red team for carrying on after an injury to his knee. (Thank you to Gordon Britton for the team report)
There were some great first time performances from the U13 Girls red/yellow teams. Initial nerves soon disappeared after a fast 2 Laps and a 2nd place in balance test for Imogen Wilson! Amelie Helm performed particularly well in 4 laps, standing triple & chest push; and Phoebe Johnson came first in balance test and gave a solid performance in shot. Other highlights were:- Isla Page - 2nd in 2 Laps and 3rd in Shot; Katie Lösel – joint 1st in Vertical Jump and 3rd in Chest Push; and Sienna Heape, Erin Rees and Phoebe Johnson – joint 1st in Balance. (Thank you to Sarah Britton for the team report)
Both Blue and Red U13 boys teams did us very proud, with a couple of first timers and very respectable performances all round.  Result highlights as follows:  Ethan Towers - overall 1st place in Balance, joint 2nd in Vertical Jump & joint 4th in 4 Laps;  Javier Fimia  - overall joint 2nd in Hi Stepper, joint 4th  in Chest Push and 5th in 1 Lap Obstacle. Alex Stizraker stepped up for 6 events (including covering for an injured team mate) – 5th in Shot. (Thank you to Natasha Towers and Lorna Fimia for the team report)
Well done to all the U15 girls who are really excelling as a combined team with both teams are in the top 5 (Blue 3rd, Red 5th). Every team member played a part with everyone having at least one excellent performance.
The results that stood out this week: Olivia Phelps - 2nd in 2 laps, 3rd in Speed Bounce, 4th in Standing Long Jump; Maisy Thorn - 3rd in Vertical Jump; Olivia D'Aversa - 4th in Vertical Jump
Freya Wilcock - 4th in Obstacle Relay; and Ella Clarke - 4th in Balance Beam. Thank you to Patrick Clarke for the team report)
In the U15 boys Adam Ulhaq had an amazing day with firsts in One Lap, and Hi-Stepper, and second in both 1 Lap Obstacle and Vertical Jump. He was supported by team mates Thomas Humphries, Adam Czarnomski, Callum Nicoll and Oscar Abrahamson to hold 4th position for the U15 boys blue team in a very tough competition. Each boy contributed with great performances. (Thank you to Karen Jones for the team report)

 Adam Ulhaq winning the One Lap

Photo credits: Cara Phelps

Judi Jeffries
News Team

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