7th December 2016

Be our guest

If you are 16+, you can try the club before committing to membership.  Come as a guest to any of our regular sessions for four weeks first or join one of our dedicated tryout sessions.  We just ask you to share your contact details using the form below for follow up.

Visitors to Maidenhead are very welcome to join Club runs as guests.  If this is likely to continue for an extended time, there is a membership option available for non-locals, which is 50% of the full membership rates. Club membership elsewhere can continue, with Maidenhead Athletic Club treated as a second claim club.

Regular meet details

As you may be unfamiliar with the routes around Maidenhead, we will try to pair you with other runners of similar standard. This can be done on the day, but it would be better to alert us as to when you plan to turn up and provide some contact information.

Home location:
Expected date for first visit:
Additional information or requests (if any):