2nd January 2017

England Athletics Affiliation

England Athletics (EA) is the governing body for athletics in England. Running clubs are affiliated to be eligible to compete in regional or national running, cross-country or track and field competition. To host races, a club requires a race license that is provided by England Athletics; this affiliation provides the club’s insurance. Maidenhead AC is an affiliated club and our club reference number is 2658263. For further information on club affiliation please see the England Athletics club affiliation page.

Individual athlete affiliations

Club members wishing to compete in competitions held under the UK Athletics rules may choose to register with England Athletics and purchase a competition license from England Athletics in addition to their annual club membership fee.

To compete in any track and field event, athletes must be registered with EA.

Road races do not require affiliation, although this is encouraged. Affiliated athletes entering road races can enjoy entry discounts (minimum £2) at many races.

The England Athletics subscription will be £14 for the period April 2017–March 2018. Maidenhead Athletic Club collects payments for this and passes on the payment to England Athletics to register members through the Club. In doing so, you agree to your personal information (name, address, date of birth, email and phone number) being passed on. Once registered, England Athletics will send you an email with your log-in details and instructions for your online account, and a membership card and license number will be sent to you in the post. It is your responsibility to keep your data up to date on the England Athletics portal.

For full information on athlete registration see the England Athletics athlete registration page:

Moving clubs

If you have been an affiliated member of EA through another club and wish to change to Maidenhead AC as your first claim, you will need to complete the EA change of first claim club form downloadable via the England Athletics athlete registration page.

Athletes wishing to sever ties with Maidenhead Athletic Club and move to another club should inform the membership secretary and complete the form with the new club.