8th December 2016

Club Championship target races

What is it?

The MAC Road Running Championships is a series open to all MAC senior members, running April to March to encourage healthy club competition. This is going to be a level playing field as both age and gender will be factored in to find the overall male & female road running champions 2017.

How does it work?

Over the series of races your age-graded result for each race is calculated. The average of your hghest scores is then used to calculate your age-grade percentage for the series. The male & female MAC members with the highest overall percentage will then be awarded at the prestigious Championship Trophies at the Annual Dinner/Awards Evening.

Age Grading definition: The basic principle is to arrive at a percentage grading value which is calculated by dividing your race time with the World Record performance time for your age & gender category. For example, if the World Record for a 40 year old male over 10 miles was 46:31 and Joe Bloggs runs the 10 miles in 58:31 his age-graded performance would be 46:31 divided by 58:30 = 79.5%

1.You must be a fully paid member of MAC at the date of the firstto be eligible to enter.
2.You must complete a minimum of 3, one at each distance.


The Club Championship events are selected by Road Running Captain Simon Lerigo: roadrunning@maidenheadac.org.

Wokingham HM 2017 is a target race for 2016-17, the others are for 2017-18.  There is also a Shinfield 10k mid-summer 2017, but dates have not been announced.

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